Slitter Rewinder for Big Rolls

Slitter rewinder for Nonwoven fabric (Spunbond and Spunlaced) up to 4,500 mm width and up to 1,200 mm diameter.

  • Shaftless winding system , with pneumatic actuated rider roll system.
  • Surface winding system and pneumatic actuated rider roll system.
  • PLC system with and HMI screen to program the recipes of the process.
  • Unwinder with traction belts to keep a precise and controlled feeding of the material.
  • Pneumatic security chucks on the unwinder.
  • Lateral adjustment with power screws.
  • Load cells for tension control with a close loop.
  • Tapper tension and tapper nip system.
  • Semiautomatic cycle restart system.
  • Unloading system of finished rolls, to leave them on the floor.
Technical Characteristics
  • Unwinder maximum diameter: 62” (1,600 mm).
  • Standard maximum width: 174” (4,500 mm).
  • Minimum cutting width: 2.3” (60 mm).
  • Maximum diameter of finished rolls: 47.2” (1,200 mm).
  • Speed: 1,650 ft/min (500 m/min).
  • Training.
  • Installation.
  • Spare parts sales.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting hotline.