Non-Stop Seamer

Machine designed for those converters who need high production and time optimization. It has a turret type unwinder and winder, for automatic roll change, wich allows not to stop the sleeve seaming process.

The turret winder has three winding stations which makes it easy to the operator to change the finished rolls.

  • Turret type unwinder with two unwind stations for 3” cores.
  • Automatic cut and splice system in unwinder
  • Tension control system through a dancer system
  • Material alignment system
  • Sleeve forming system
  • Adhesive applicator system with dosage pump and needle or felt application
  • Three-stations winding system with double winding direction.
  • Oscillation system
  • Anti-static bars
  • Automatic cut and splice system in winder

Longitudinal perforating system, monitor system of sleeve layflat with alarm system, magnifying glass for visual inspection of the adhesive application, UV lamp and adhesive application sensor, inflatable shafts for different diameters, production monitor display, motorized positioning system of sleeve seaming system, positioning system of adhesive applicator, vision system of adhesive string, remote connection for fast troubleshooting and OSHA certification.

Technical Characteristics
  • Standard width at unwinder: 810 mm (31.89”).
  • Unwind diameter: 600 mm (23.62”).
  • Maximum width of layflat sleeve: 400 mm (15.75”).
  • Minimum width of layflat sleeve: 50 mm (2”).
  • Winder diameter: 600 mm (23.62”).
  • Speed: 500 m/min (1,640 ft/min).
  • Training.
  • Installation.
  • Spare parts sales.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Troubleshooting hotline.