Slitter Rewinder Small Roll for POS Rolls

This machine can slit and rewind paper rolls for point sale (cash register, ATM, portable printer, adding machine) rolls for wrapping paper and graphics printing, tickets, fax and general printers.

  • Shear cut.
  • Automatic feeding of the shaft to the rewinding area (Patent Pending).
  • Automatic threading.
  • Automatic ejection and cutting of roll end.
  • Curved roll to eliminate wrinkles.
  • Automatic roll ejection from rewinding shaft (Patent Pending).
  • Fast and easy change for roll.
  • Automatic tension control.
  • Low friction rolls.
  • Trimmer extractor.
  • Core feeding system. Automatic stop.
  • Exit belt system with roll spacer and press for roll flatten.
Technical Characteristics
  • Maximum width 1 layer: 1,100 mm (43”).
  • Maximum diameter unwinder: 1,200 mm (47.24”).
  • Maximum diameter rewinder: 300 mm (11.81”).
  • Maximum speed: 350 m/min (1,155 ft/min).
  • Cutting cycle: 40 m / 20.4 seg. - 60 m / 23.9 seg.

Bond, thermal, two-layers carbonless